Bet on quality customer relationships with the right POS

SIR Solutions POS system offers a complete custom loyalty program to help you generate more sales from your customers.

Improved customer experience management in less time with a complete POS system

  • Loyalty programs and customer and employee discount management;

  • Gift cards customizable to your image;

  • Unlimited combinations of promotions and targeted offers;

  • A multitude of tools and customer analyses to ensure successful marketing campaigns;

  • Retrieve your current program and integrate it into your new system;

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Make the management of your inventory profitable

Inventory management can be complex, but it is essential for better profitability. SIR Solutions offers a complete POS solution to businesses at a competitive price, allowing retail stores, grocery stores and others to:

Inventory management made simple with a reliable platform

  • Access real-time data on inventory levels;

  • Benefit from a complete process of ordering and receiving stock;

  • Identify slow-moving stocks or dormant stocks;

  • Always have the best products on your shelves;

  • Reduce your losses and increase your margins;

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Take control of your store at a competitive price

Keep an eye on all your store operations and make sure you achieve your profitability goals.

  • Choose from a multitude of reports to help you make informed decisions;

  • Manage and make price, product and promoiton changes easily;

  • Track and compare sales and performance with a wide variety of segmentation options;

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Expand your business

An evolutionary solution allowing you to have several stores under the same structure.

  • Open multiple stores with identical or new concepts;

  • Expand your payment options with various technologies (self-checkouts, e-commerce);

  • Track the performance of your stores under a single platform through accurate sales reports;

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Interested in our POS system for your business?

Do not hesitate to contact our experts or request a demo of SIR Solutions’ point-of-sale systems. Our experts would be happy to assist you and provide you with additional information about our products and the advantages they offer for businesses.

POS system Canada

Learn more about the best point-of-sale system in Canada

What is a POS system?

The point-of-sale system, or POS system, is an essential part of any store where customers can purchase products or services and managers can oversee their operations. A Point of Sale System, or POS, has 2 primary functions. The front end POS is the actual point of sale, and is where customers go to checkout, process their transactions, and generate receipts for products or services. Modern POS systems also include a backoffice, which is the brains of the operation, and manages business operations, enhances efficiency, and more.

SIR Solutions’ is the best retail POS system in Canada for businesses

Today, there are POS systems for every size of business, every industry, and any application. The goal is to improve the client experience, streamline workflow, and free you to revitalize other aspects of the business. POS Systems range from basic ones that can only manage sales, to high-tech ones that can handle real-time inventory and complex promotions.

Why are good retail POS systems essential for businesses?

In today’s business world, POS systems have become an essential part of the operations and success of any business. A Point of Sale (POS) system is the hardware and software used to make transactions for your business, but it’s also much more!

SIR Solutions’ complete POS system can optimize every aspect of your business

  • Almost any business workflow or interaction requires, at minimum, automated systems to streamline the process of sales and exchange financial information. These help eliminate manual, inaccurate and error-prone workflows.
  • They are equally useful for the accounting side of the business, as they automatically calculate and add sales tax to every applicable item or transaction.

Why choose SIR Solutions’ POS system?

The benefits of using POS systems in businesses of any size are boundless. Integrating a high-end point of sale to your daily operations is an excellent solution to improve customer management, order processing and more, but only if the POS software has the right features for your business!

The essential features for a POS system in Canada are:

  1. Easy to use: POS screens minimize the time sales staff have to spend with customers manually entering information to process payments;
  2. Multiple payment methods: Your customers have the option to choose to pay using different payment methods (contactless payment, gift cards, credit cards), so they are not restricted to using only cash purchases. SIR Solutions also allows retailers to charge accounts payable;
  3. Better inventory management: Save time with a system that automatically tracks all transactions and shows what has been purchased and needs to be restocked;
  4. Accurate reporting functions: The accuracy of its computer analysis of orders significantly increases business scaling;
  5. Employee management tools: Staff management is simplified by integrating your existing software with a complete POS system;

SIR Solutions’ Point of Sale software helps business owners to manage and forecast their spending in order to cover high traffic periods like holidays. We help you track your expenses, allowing your business to properly organize at all times.

What are different types of POS systems?

POS systems fall into three broad categories: mobile systems, terminal-based systems and cloud-based systems. The best choice will be dependent on your business needs. They can be adapted to different sizes or kinds of orders (e.g. small vs. large quantities, or physical items vs. services).

POS systems can help brick and mortar stores as well as hybrid business models

Mobile POS system

As the name implies, a mobile POS (mPOS) system turns a mobile device like a smartphone into a portable POS system that can perform many useful functions. Often done through a mobile application, an mPOS allows a retailer to make transactions from anywhere, as long as they have internet connection. With the rise in popularity of mobile payments, it is an essential feature for businesses.

Terminal POS system

This type of service is provided by most brick-and-mortar businesses. It consists primarily of a counter and associated physical equipment such as scanners and receipt printers. Options for traditional brick-and-mortar businesses specifically include the terminal and all the required features to handle transactions and more.

Cloud-Based point-of-sale

Cloud-based retail POS is simple, cheap, and can be accessed online or via a mobile app. It is usually a cost-effective solution for businesses to access retail outlets and pop-up stores. It is typically less reliant on specific hardware.

SIR Solutions offers a complete POS solution for small and larger businesses in Canada – Control stock levels, manage your staff and more from a single platform

What is the cost of a POS system in Canada?

The cost of a POS system in Canada will vary depending on the software and hardware required by a business. It is difficult to come up with a price without understanding a business’s needs and objectives: while some retail businesses might need a complete point-of-sale system, a pop-up shop might rely solely on a cloud-based solution.

How do I know if a retail POS system is right for my business?

The best way to determine the cost of a POS system in Canada is to contact SIR Solutions, a Canadian leader in POS software and integrated innovation!

What hardware is included in our POS system for retail stores?

SIR Solutions offers various POS solutions according to the type of business and activities, and comes with various hardware. A grocery store POS will have very different needs than a retail business using pop-up shops, which will require different pieces of hardware!

A POS system combines hardware and software, and at the very simplest level, cloud-based POS systems require you to install the software on your personal computer, mobile tablet, or server. However, SIR Solutions’ POS system can include several pieces of hardware.

Take advantage of a wide range of hardware options – payment processor, payment terminals and more payment solutions

  • Touchscreen terminal;
  • Customer-facing display screen;
  • Cash register/drawer;
  • Barcode scanner;
  • Receipt printer;
  • Credit / debit card readers and payment terminals;

POS system Canada

What software can be included in a POS system?

Payment processing

Payment processing is the act of processing cash, credit card, debit card, gift card and contactless transactions. It involves acquiring hardware such as cash registers and credit card readers, however, it can also benefit from software that recognizes various methods of payment.

Sales analytics

Also called big data or predictive analytics, an analytics function refers to the systematic analysis of data. POS software can use the data it has aggregated, such as inventory or sales, to help future enhancements. This data may be used to figure out market trends, identify the time of day when transactions are most common, or forecast future customer preferences. The objective is to get better insights into how you are proceeding and use the data to make better decisions for the future.

Customer loyalty programs

Customer loyalty programs encourage repeat business by offering customers discounts, or rewards when they continue to patronize your company. POS softwares facilitate the implementation of customer loyalty programs, as such programs that require data tracking. Loyalty programs are about keeping track of customer data and rewarding repeat customers.

Third-party integrations

Third party integrations offer a perfect way to connect with existing or new systems, and allow a POS software to adapt to a business’ unique needs and setup.

SIR Solutions’ software is compatible with many types of different softwares (CRMs, ERPs, Ecommerce, accounting software), allowing us to fit in seamlessly in your overall architecture


Can a POS system include customer relationship management?

Collecting customer data is an essential part of understanding customer behaviour. This data is critical in developing rewards programs and building customer loyalty. A POS system can keep track of your customers by recording information about their transactions.

What type of companies can benefit from SIR Solutions’ POS system?

SIR Solutions is active in many different retail sectors (including online retail), and has helped many businesses increase their profitability through POS systems.

Over the years, SIR Solutions has developed a full range of POS features for the following industries segments:

1. Grocery Stores

2. Convenience Stores

3. Pharmacies

4. Various Retailers