A team behind you to assist you 

You can count on our call center and service teams to provide you with the necessary assistance to answer your difficulties and your questions.

  • Our teams are responsive and efficient

  • Open 7 days a week (until 6 pm)

  • A team dedicated to 100% software

  • Take back your activities efficiently and in the shortest possible time


In order to use your new work environment to its full potential, employee training is essential.

  • Our professional trainer team goes directly to the store to assist you and help you launch your new project

  • Your employees will be able to offer a great service to your customers

  • Mastery of the system allows you to focus your efforts on achieving your goals

Installation and configuration

In order to offer a turnkey and quality solutions, our team ensures that every step of the process is done in compliance with the standards.

  • The system is installed in our offices

  • Notre logiciel est soumis à des contrôles de qualité nombreux et rigoureux, afin de garantir une installation efficace en magasin

  • Once tested, our technicians go to the store to install the equipment

Let’s start an adventure together!

Contact our team today. We will be happy to help you with your projects.

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