Bet on quality customer relationships

A complete customizable loyalty system to help you generate more sales from your customers.

  • Loyalty programs and customer and employee discounts

  • Gift cards customizable to your image

  • Unlimited combination of promotions and targeted offers

  • An array of customer analytics tools to ensure successful marketing campaigns

  • Retrieve your current program and integrate it into your new system

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Make the management of your inventory profitable

Inventory management can be complex, but it is essential for better profitability.

  • Get real-time inventory data

  • Benefit from a complete process of ordering and receiving stock

  • Identify slow-moving stocks or dead stocks

  • Always have good products on your shelves

  • Reduce your losses and increase your margins

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Take control of your business

Keep a eye on all your store operations and make sure you achieve your profitability goals.

  • Choose from a multitude of reports to help you make informed decisions

  • Manage and make price, product and promo changes easily

  • Track and compare sales and performance with a wide variety of segmentation options

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Expand your business

A evolutionnary solution allowing you to have several stores under the same structure.

  • Open multiple stores with identical or new concepts

  • Expand your payment options with technologies (self-checkouts, e-commerce)

  • Track the performance of your stores under a single platform

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