Why have a good inventory tracking?

Inventory management can be complex, but it is essential for better profitability. Respond effectively to your customer’s request. 

  • Sell more, sell better

  • Be sure to always have the right products at the right time on your shelves

  • Reduce your inventory investments with a precise inventory order

  • Control your margins more effectively to get a real sense of your costs

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How to better control your stocks?

Make better decisions about your inventory levels and margins. Take advantage of constantly updated data that allows you to closely monitor the movement of your products.

  • Have a history and product movement in real time

  • Receive insufficient inventory alerts
  • Enjoy a complete and simple order and reception process

  • Work with complete supplier sheets (delivery details) to ensure your orders are received on time

  • Quickly replenish with automated order suggestions based on inventory values, movements, or forecasts

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How to reduce your losses?

Often retailers have no idea of the value of the goods they throw in a week.

  • Identify products without movement

  • Get the ratio of sales vs. losses by product or department through loss management

  • Make sure each item is accounted for as sold, stolen or wasted

  • Transform your products before they expire and analyze cost of your raw materials through Income Management

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