Why centralize your data?

Make sure you have consistent and continuous communications between your head office and your different branches.

  • Make sure you have a consistent customer and operator experience across your branches

  • Be aware of the performance of your stores

  • Manage your central warehouse and distribution to your stores

  • Reduce operational costs

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How can you save time and money?

Centralized information maintenance helps standardize your procedures, reduce errors and increase efficiency across the entire chain.

  • Centralize the maintenance of your products

  • Same interface used at the head office and store, therefore easy to learn

  • Customer and employee database may be centralized or managed by store

  • Benefit from centralized orders via head office and distributed to stores

  • Transfer your inventories between stores

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How to optimize your communications?

Plan and schedule your communications between the head office and your stores to optimize store operations.

  • Deploy your changes manually or automatically (prices, suppliers, new products, flyers, etc.)

  • Manage and deploy your various promotions to stores (circulars, targeted offers, etc.)

  • Manage specificities (prices, taxes, recycling fees, etc.) according to the different regions or store groups

  • Give your store managers the opportunity to use communications reports from head office and stay on top of news, promotions, or product changes

  • The stores send data on their sale and products movement to the head office

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