Optimize your store operations

Our software is a must for the management and marketing of your products; from product maintenance, through its inventory, to its sale.

  • Manage your inventory, promotions and loyalty programs quickly

  • Integrate your ready-to-eat department

  • Integrate your scales: transfer prices, ingredients and nutritional values

  • Get product ordering suggestions based on trends in your store

  • Prevent pricing errors by simultaneously sending prices to POS and scales

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Improve customer experience

Waiting too long in line is a negative buying experience for the customer and in order to increase service efficiency and customer sastisfaction, many grocers are considering buying self-checkouts.
  • Increase your efficiency in stores

  • Serve your customers faster

  • Increase your points of contact to counter rush hours

  • Offer a fast and friendly shopping experience

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Increase your efficiency on the floor

Use your ressources more efficiently and be more efficient in-store with our mobile solutions.
  • Save time

  • Execute and deploy price changes quickly

  • Eliminate price display errors

  • Manage your labels

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Increase your margins and profits

One of the challenges of grocery stores is the management of inventory and losses, it is important to understand where profits are generated or lost. Have access to relevant data to help you make informed decisions.

  • Recuperate your food for processing (ready-to-eat)
  • Follow the profitability of each of your departments

  • Track the level of your inventory, margins, product movements, trends and more

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