Why add value to the shopping experience?

Reward your customers and increase their loyalty to ensure they come back.

  • Engage your customers with a loyalty program

  • Increase customer retention

  • Increase the visibility of your brand to attract new customers

  • Increase your customer’s in-store purchases with points

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How to understand your customers?

Stand out from the competition by offering a personalized customer experience.

  • Detailed customer file (contact details, charges, purchase history, etc.)

  • Analyze the buying trends and behaviors of your customers

  • Be proactive in offering the right offers to the right customers

  • Design targeted offers with the multiple segmentation criteria available from reports


How to genereate revenue through your promotions?

Increase the average basket by making targeted promotions for you and your customers.

  • Measure the profitability of your promotions with reports

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the promotion on in-store traffic

  • Offer a multitude of promotion options (buy one get one free, special discounts on selected items, etc.)

  • Target specific departments, products, or customer groups


Interested in our POS system for your stores?

Let your customers benefit from a simple to use, instinctive point of sale platform

Do not hesitate to contact our experts or request a demo of SIR Solutions’ POS system and our loyalty program. Our experts would be happy to assist and provide you with additional information about our products and their advantages.