Antivirus and backup

Cyber threats put your operations and data at risk and can result in heavy consequences, particularly monetary. But they can be prevented. Our dual protection consisting of a remotely managed antivirus and backup service, ensures foolproof security.

  • Monthly alert status reports

  • Monitoring done by our team

  • Installation and updates supported by our team

  • Get up to 30 days of work data in case of loss

  • Backups run daily and monthly on our servers

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Network (router)

Our team of experts act as the single point of contact for your network connectivity to ensure quality unified communications. Our team will manage your network to help your company achieve peak profitability through optimal and reduces costs. 

  • Be responsive through increased monitoring of the daily activities of your network

  • Regular maintenance and upgrades allow for fast response time

  • Prevent unexpected service interruptions

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The power of the cloud at your service! Cloud-based server consolidation integrates into your existing IT infrastructure to provide flexible and secure access to your data.

  • Service that includes antivirus and backup

  • Reduce your operating and I.T. costs

  • Fully self-managed infrastructures

  • High availability and performance

  • Everything is done internally, no third party intervention, which speeds up response and reaction time

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