Fully integrated fuel management

Opt for a system that provides reliable communication between the POS, the workstation and the pumps and offers a multitude of features for managing your business.

  • Full integration with the Bulloch and Radiant interface

  • All pumps can be controlled from any point of sale (tank authorization and monitoring)

  • Real-time display of pump status and meter volume

  • Balancing your gasoline inventories (deliveries and electronic meter readings)

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Manage your pay at the pumps payments

Complete pay at the pump integration at your various points of sale.

  • Management of screens, promotions and coupons

  • Prepaid payment management supporting prepaid gas cards and discounts per liter

  • Integration with several pumps (Bennett, Gilbarco, Kraus, Tokheim, Wayne and others)

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Integrate your other services

The function of a gas station goes beyond simply supplying the customer in gasoline. In order to remain competitive, it is essential to offer a complete range of services: convenience store, gas station, car wash, ready-to-eat department, etc.

  • Complete integration of unsupervised gas stations via a centralized payment kiosk

  • Car wash with loyalty, point promotions and payment at the pump management

  • Using the same system for food services, lottery, tobacco and alcohol

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