For over 20 years, SIR Solutions has been providing high-performance, practical tools to ensure your business’ success.


Our know-how makes us a partner of choice to meet your goals and expectations.


SIR Solutions’ mission is to offer point of sale and retail management software through customized services and products that evolve as they grow.

  • A 360° solution

    Our solution offers integrated operational management modules, modern peripherals, and access to expert training and technical support to simplify your business management tasks and achieve your objectives.

  • Evolve with the market trends

    Our team is always on the lookout for new technologies to better serve your needs and keep up with industry changes; our experts rely on best practices to successfully meet your requirements.

  • Rely on relevant information

    Data collection and centralization promotes simple, fast, and secure strategic decision-making and action, ensuring you are informed and ready to seize any opportunities that arise.

  • Build an engaged client community

    Our solution will help you better manage your operations so you can focus on the tasks that will contribute to a high-quality customer experience. The best ambassador for your brand is a loyal, satisfied customer.

  • An innovative team that understands you

    Understanding your market and your business reality allows our teams to offer a range of products and services that are flexible and tailored to your needs, continuously supporting the growth of your business.

About us

SIR Solutions is a Canadian company that has used its expertise and know-how for more than 20 years to serve businesses of all types and sizes in the pharmaceutical, gas, food, and retail sectors.

Our integrated solution adapts to your needs, products, clients, and activities. SIR Solutions provides continuous support to ensure efficient and strategic operations as well as business growth and results that will exceed expectations.

As a national retail industry leader, SIR Solutions considers the success of its partners and clients to be a priority. Our offices in Montréal and Toronto, as well as our wide distribution and service network, allow us to effectively cover a great deal of territory in Canada. Partnering with SIR Solutions means counting on a solid, reliable, and long-term relationship.


We began designing our solution at a time when cutting-edge technology consisted of a cash register with a cash drawer, which has evolved over the years to keep up with retail market trends and technological advances to allow our clients to position themselves competitively. The solution we offer today is continuously evolving.

To date, more than 3400 clients, representing over 13,600 systems, benefit from our services. SIR Solutions is more than a transactional system; it is a range of management tools for your store, an accessible database, and a portfolio of complementary services.


The company’s vision extends beyond the business world to concrete social initiatives in which all employees are encouraged to participate.

We believe it is our duty to contribute to the well-being of our community and its sustainable development. That’s why we are particularly proud to be involved in causes we believe in and which align with our company’s values.

  • Social

  • Accueil Bonneau
  • Support of several underprivileged families in St-Michel
  • Centre communautaire Rendez-vous 50+ (St-Michel–Rosemont)
  • Dans La Rue
  • Fondation OLO
  • Fondation Tél-jeunes
  • La Maison du Père
  • Lis avec Moi
  • Old Brewery Mission
  • Health

  • Fondation Charles Bruneau
  • Fondation de l’Hôpital du Sacré-Cœur de Montréal
  • Gap-Vies
  • The Lighthouse Children and Families

SIR Solutions also prioritizes the constant improvement of its products and services, processes, and work environment. To succeed, creativity and innovation are at the foundation of our corporate culture. As such, SIR Solutions is taking part in the 2017 edition of Parcours innovations Montréal, convinced that such an experience will propel us even further.


In conclusion, SIR Solutions provides a high-performance, turnkey solution that is tailored to your business’ needs. Our experts and business units never stop reaching higher to provide you with the best technology on the market.