Optimize your store ressources

With labor shortages, price and tag changes can be a daunting task.

  • Simplify the work of your employees

  • Free your employees from redundant tasks

  • Give your employees the opportunity to focus on value-added tasks (department management and customer service)

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Reduce errors and increase your margins

With different promotions every week, the frequency of price changes is very high in supermarket, which increase the risk of error.

  • Eliminate price errors

  • Be assured that the prices displayed are the same as in your database and your boxes

  • Reduce customer complaints ($) for price errors

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Time is money

Save a lot of time by deploying prices directly on the label instead of manually replacing them individually.

  • Deploy your price changes automatically

  • Reduce the time associated with tag management (updates and verification)

  • Reduce the time spent on customer complaints

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