Why invest in an e-commerce platform?

Nowadays, online shopping is an essential part of the overall shopping experience. An e-commerce platform offers many advantages that are important to consider.

  • Improve the customer shopping experience

  • Be accessible 24/7

  • Reach more consumers and potentially increase your customer base

  • Get yourself noticed and take your rightful share of the online market

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A fully integrated platform

The complete database that you manage in your SMS is transferred directly to your website. Take advantage of two-way communication to increase your efficiency and rapidity of execution.

  • Product information, such as prices, inventory or promotions are automatically transferred to your website

  • Orders made online are directly transferred to your SMS

  • When an online order is made, the inventory level in SMS is automatically adjusted

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Develop your brand image and marketing 

Your website is an extension of your store, but it has its own set of content management tools, allowing all kinds of marketing potential. With the rise of online commerce, it is crucial to optimize your online presence and make sure you come out in the top searches on the web.

  • Make sure you come out in the top searches on the web, with the help of our referencing tools

  • Create product mixes to increase your sales

  • Benefit from online sales reports to see your best sellers but also to make promotions on selected products

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