Optimize your store resources with electronic labels

Changing price tags and labeling is a challenging thing to do when there’s a shortage of workers. That’s where our electronic shelf labeling display technology comes in. Our digital pricing system takes stress off of you and your employees, allowing you to complete more important tasks within your store instead of spending hours re-labeling multiple products. 

  • Simplify the work of your employees

  • Free your employees from redundant tasks

  • Increase task management: Give your employees the opportunity to focus on value-added tasks (department management and customer service)

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Reduce human errors and improve customer experience within your store.

With different promotions every week, the frequency of pricing changes is very high in the retail market, especially in supermarkets, which increases the risk of error.

  • Eliminate price errors

  • Be assured that the prices displayed are the same as in your database and your cash registers
  • Reduce customer claims for price errors

  • Ensure your retail pricing in-store matches your prices online
  • Eliminate stock check and inventory errors

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Time is money! Get vital time back by using electronic price displays in your store.

Save your business a lot of time by deploying prices remotely directly onto the digital shelf label instead of manually replacing them individually using your already busy staff.

  • Deploy your price changes automatically

  • Reduce the time associated with label management (updates and verifications)

  • Reduce the time spent on customer complaints

  • Save time and money on staff training

  • Save time on inventory and stock checks

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What is an Electronic Shelf Label?

Wireless shelf labels or digital price tags are electronic product displays that show detailed item information and even include  technology to monitor inventory levels for item restocking purposes. Our labels use E ink display technology which gives clear visibility and a crisp display at the shelf edges, allowing for easy item recognition in real-time. They can also include an LED flash and colour change system for making promotions stand out, or for stock alert notifications.

Optimize your store through our electronic labels

For retailers such as grocers, these digital price tags offer several benefits including driving sales, increasing margins, creating consumer trust, and reducing operating and labour costs.

 H5: Step into the future with SIR Solutions’ electronic shelf labels

Which Canadian retailers benefit from installing an electronic shelf labels display system?

A wide range of Canadian retailers of any size in any market can benefit from electronic display technology and the software it runs on. SIR Solutions will help you create an ESL system that suits your business needs specifically.

We can provide Canadian retailers with electronic shelf label software to support a small independent retailer, a bigger and more complex full-service store, or even a big chain of retail stores such as a groceries market franchise or hardware stores corporation. Our ESL display technology will provide everything your retail stores will require to manage inventory, create centralized pricing, online product pricing, promotional pricing, automatic price updates, and most importantly create clear price communication between you and your customers. ESL display technology is designed to help Canadian retailers operate more smoothly and accurately, and provide clear and reliable pricing communication with their customers to create an enhanced and easier shopping experience.

How can I use electronic shelf labels to increase product pricing accuracy?

Today, in order for retail stores in Canada to compete effectively against each other, they must be able to consistently price their products at the right prices in both in-store and online environments.

It can be challenging for employees to properly coordinate and print out physical labels or stickers, place them on the shelves, while others are simultaneously busy updating prices online. Electronic shelf label technology allows companies to centralize their pricing via a software platform which eliminates pricing errors and improves overall customer experience in-store and online.

Using SIR Solutions’ electronic shelf labels, businesses can change prices quickly, both in stores and online.

This prevents promotional pricing from continuing for too long or having prices online differ from those in the store. Using a digital price label display also means price updates can be implemented instantly and with an accurate price without human errors.

What are the main benefits of using electronic retail labels?

Free up different resources in your retail store

Increase productivity and reduce costs by automating labeling tasks throughout your retail store, all while improving customer satisfaction and customer retention thanks to available workers.

  • Check inventory and product stock instantly using ESL wireless devices
  • Make promotions stand out with LED flashing graphic displays or color changes
  • Decrease the risk of losing business due to bad reviews or negative comments due to mistakes caused by people.
  • Increase brand awareness through customers sharing your futuristic dynamic pricing system.

Digital display technology allows a business to reduce human errors

Electronic shelf labeling display technology minimizes the risk of human errors and can nearly eradicate them. You can modify several prices simultaneously and this directly in the SIR Solutions point of sale software. This means it can be done by one person in a matter of minutes rather than a team of multiple employees rushing around the store labeling products one by one which makes it easy to make simple errors.