Optimize your store operations

For integrated management of your points of sale (POS), in-store operations (Backoffice), communications with the head office, the warehouse and any other activity a merchant needs to deal with.

  • Perform complete maintenance of your products including movement analysis (orders, receptions, sales)

  • Monitor your profitability closely

  • Receive ordering suggestions for products based on trends in your store


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Collect the right data

In order to stay competitive, it is important for you to understand what is happening in your store, where profits are generated and where they are lost. The B.I is the tool to help you make informed decisions.
  • Get a quick, real-time overview of the state of your business

  • Have access to performance indicators customized to your needs

  • Keep track of your daily, weekly and monthly objectives in real time so that you can take action if necessary

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Maximize your profits

Good inventory management combined with good operational efficiency will allow you to increase your profit margins.

  • Keep track of all merchandise movements and costs

  • Reduce your merchandise investments with accurate inventory control and order suggestions

  • Perform maintenance of your products (price verification and price change) without even leaving the floor with a mobile device (PDA)

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