Why invest in a quality Backoffice?

The Backoffice is the brain behind your points of sale. It is a must for the management and marketing of your products; ranging from the maintenance of the product, through its inventory, to its sale.

  • Real-time data is the backbone of effective store management

  • Get a picture of your store’s operations to gain insight and understanding of their productivity and profitability

  • Manage your store effectively by making the necessary changes to improve your profitability

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How to make the most of your Backoffice?

Data is the heart of our POS software. It allows you to extract a multitude of reports with many control options. 

  • Get hundreds of real-time reports that allows you to see all aspects of your store operations and performance, including operator audits, product performance, and customer analysis reports

  • Manage prices using accurate margin calculations based on multiple factors

  • Benefit from virtually unlimited promotional capabilities

  • Benefit from a unique basic concept, with information on your products, stocks, customers, operators and suppliers, all contained in the same database

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How to use the mobile features of the Backoffice?

With a mobile device, enjoy the features of your backoffice on the go.this will allow you to efficiently cover the size of your store and have better control to increase productivity on the floor. 

  • Perform price changes or price verifications on the floor with the PDA

  • Print your labels directly on the floor from a mobile printer

  • Do your inventory and rigorously monitor your stocks

  • Run your operations anywhere, anytime

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