Be competitive and build customer loyalty

To stand out from your competitors it is important to offer a unique and customizable customer service that will encourage your customer to come back and stay true to your business.

  • Manage your customer accounts (discounts, purchase history, etc.)

  • Create reward programs to build customer loyalty

  • Allow your customers the opportunity to use their loyalty points at any location

  • Manage your cosmetics department (gift basket, commissions, etc.)
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Maximize your profits

A healthy and good inventory management will allow you to make sure you have a good inventory movement.

  • Manage the margins of private label products versus brand name products

  • Order suggestion based on product movement

  • Rigorous monitoring will ensure you have the right products on your shelves when promoting

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Optimize your communications with the head office

The head office provides the stores with the product database to use and the changes to apply on a daily basis, which is essential to a consistent customer experience.

  • Benefit from a bidirectional communication

  • Send information about your products, promotions, customers, employees between your different stores

  • Transfer stocks and send them to other stores

  • The stores provide the head office with information relevant to the assessment of their returns.

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Simplify the management of your business

With integrated tools like electronic labels and mobile devices, we want to help you improve and save time in your daily activities.

  • React quickly to price changes and promotions

  • Make sure the discounted prices in the flyers are the same as those displayed on the shelves

  • With a mobile device (PDA) you will be able to manage your products, print labels, count the inventory and create orders without leaving the floor

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