SIR Solutions Among the Largest SMEs in Quebec

05.01.18 - SIR Solutions

Witnessing the entrepreneurial spirit that propels Quebecers in the realization of their projects is just as impressive as it is comforting. Entrepreneurship, which is experiencing remarkable growth in Quebec, represents a firmly rooted and strongly encouraged characteristic of our society. This observation should not come as a surprise. If we go back to the era of New France, history tells us that Quebec, as we know it today, was founded in 1627 on the basis of a company; the Company of One Hundred Associates, of which Samuel de Champlain and Richelieu were shareholders.

SMEs are undoubtedly essential to the socio-economic health of our city, our province and our country. As a Quebec company, having the opportunity to contribute to it is a great achievement. That’s why we cannot help but share the good news when we learn that SIR Solutions is one of 300 most important SMEs in Quebec, for the third consecutive year, according to Les Affaires ranking, published on October 21st 2017.


Congratulations and thank you to our team and all those who contribute to our success!

The year 2018 will be even better!

A New Look for SIR Solutions

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