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Quick, Flexible & Secure

Manage transactions your way. Our interface, personalized according to your needs and priorities, as well as two-way communication with the office computer ensures quick execution, automated operations, and real-time information sharing.

Tools such as detailed reports and an electronic journal ensure that your environment’s security will never be compromised, facilitate the continuous monitoring of any POS activity, and contribute to loss prevention.

Point of sale systems / POS


Because customer satisfaction is a priority, we provide a smooth and pleasant transactional experience without excessive wait times or a complicated checkout process. With our wide range of options, your business will be equipped to face any specific situation, regardless of its complexity.


Whether in dollars or percentages, your discounts and coupons will promote customer loyalty. Create attractive discounts for target customer groups and categories according to the criteria of your choice.


Stay on top of all your store’s operations to control and prevent fraud. Although fraud cannot be eliminated, the various measures put in place will help you better identify unusual activity leading to theft.


Our system is fully autonomous, ensuring uninterrupted operations in the event of a network failure. Moreover, real-time information exchange results in accurate action.

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