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Management, Purchasing & Sales

In addition to the modules offered by our system, our back office is essential for managing and marketing your products—from maintenance, to inventory, to sales.

Back Office for Point of Sale Systems


Each product’s data sheet includes all of the information required for its management, allowing you to define each related aspect such as brand, description, format, and department. Search filters also simplify database querying for easy usage and quick execution of changes.


Control your products as they are scanned at checkout using a number of available criteria. For example, you can determine the description that will appear on the receipt for a given product, whether a rain cheque is applicable, or whether it has a legal restriction (alcohol, tobacco, and lottery products).


Use the price table to record all the elements related to your costs and suppliers; this method results in a better price strategy and profit margins. Avoid any pricing errors by making sure the active prices and promotions are up to date.


Take advantage of up-to-date data using inventory options that track product movement and continuously adjust quantities and value. Go electronic to reduce the time spent on orders, simplify the exchanges with your suppliers, and quickly correct the differences between the order and the reception.


When creating a new product or price change, print labels individually or by batch in one click. Identify labels by aisle and shelf to stay organized and facilitate label placement and product searches.


Client accounts, which include all relevant client data such as personal information, assigned salesperson, and account charges, contribute to the development of a personalized and competitive customer experience.


Protect your data and secure your system by granting access rights to operators. This will also allow you to evaluate performance since each employee’s operations and transactions are included in the reports.

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